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Mine To Do Part 2

Mine to do part 2

He is asleep. She doesn't know what to think he had taken her without her agreement. she doesn't know where they stand  with each other now . He has taken  what she wanted to gift him. But why she is feeling like she has lost the Arnav for good measure. He is not going to surface any time soon. Even when he married her forcefully she knew he would never hurt her, but this change everything .All her thinking that thing will get better as time pass is fruitless, their relationship has  taken turn for worse. But as always she is clueless . Doesn't know what to do. How to cope,  lion has tested blood now it's gonna get messy from here now on. She is afraid she has seen people kissing , murmuring sweet nothing in each other ears. All her dream about marrieg had been shattered by him long ago but today she has even lost the trust that someday he will explain what has happened. No . Nothing all is lost in blure. She looks around the room all decorated with red rose and candles.all looked so beautiful she was so happy when she saw this not knowing this will haunt her now. Her favourite red rose would remind how they had crushed when he lay down on her after taking her. How the candle fall down and blew up when he thrusted into her making the bed move and jostle the bed side table .

Her state is not better then room her cloths are torn . He has marked her brutally his teeth has left mark on her shoulder . She can't wear broad neck dress she has to wear sarre to conceal the bite marks. There is hicky on her neck not one but many. It's throbing badly. She has to use foundation to hide them , they will go away in week or two. But how about the pain the mark he has made on her heart ?  How she will forget the raged look he given her when he entered her ?

She try to distangel herself from his grip and weight . his hand is thrown over her neck burring in her hair. He whispers her name oh so lovingly . Which make her hysteric and crying fool middle of the night. It's like he is snapping so fast with his personality she finds difficult to catch up . But now onward no need to catch up its been modified that he is going to consider her as his wife from today onward . She likes it or not doesn't matter .

She gets up clutching  her tattered cloth and goes to restroom. She takes long bath like she want to wash up whatever had taken place. She scrub her body again and again then suddenly  she starts crying like  a baby . She can't believe he is the same who bitten those  goons to pulp in nanital. What has happened so he turns into this cruel man ?

He is awake from the noice he hears. He jolts up in the bed and look around. Then it accrues to him that she is in the restroom. He stares at the door . He gets up and go to spare room to use bathroom . He take round into kitchen get some pain killer for her and water bottle. He make sure to talk to the doctor and get contraption for her . He is ingrossed  with himself and hears the gasp . He turn back to see that his Di and Jijaji is looking at his back. He forgot that he didn't put on tee shirt.

Di :" oh ! It's bleeding !!" she says touching .

ASR :" it's nothing Di . She has a long nail. That's it." saying that he send a devilish smirk in Shyams side making his eyes pop out.

Di  giggles and just leave. Sensing that atleast they liked her gift .

ASR :" Di ! Thank you for today . We really apriceate it." he says looking at her  sincerely .

Di :" your welcome." she is happy that he found passionate woman to love him.

He comes back and look at their bed it's stained with her inocent , he gets upset that he could have made it so special for her if it wasn't for that fact she is in love with his Jijaji. What done is done now he has got her for lifetime and he will make sure she forget about anyother man in her life.  He pulls the cover off and change it with new one. Take away all the flowers and candle putting them in one corner there is no light in this relasionship or his life . He doesn't need a candle to taunt his fate. His life has been full with thorny path when he thought he has found love and reason to smile that has also redused  to asses. Its like king Midas he touched anything and it become gold. But in his case he loved anything and it became cursed.  He  once consider to  make her life blooming as roses and shower her with them every day. It would have been like he would make love to her like Suhagrat every night. with star and flowers but that all has been forgotten like bad dream. Now he would use her as he may like afterall he is her husband . He did put a sindur  in her mang and mangalsutra around her neck. Now he will behave like one. Starting from tonight.its been hour still she hasn't come out . He take the keys and enters the bathroom . She is sitting in the tub like statue no life or emotion in her eyes.  He takes a towel and wraps around her . She doesn't even look at him thinking she would murder herself if she throw a glance at him and feel what she definatly know she would feel looking at him :: that he was her whole world ;  he would be her whole world and her worst nightmare come true all togather wrapped up in one packet.

He lift her up making her sit on the bed then drying her body . He gives her pain killer which she swallow  down not bothering to ask  why . He goes to the wardrobe and find his tshirt he pulls that on her and make her lay on the bed like a baby . He turns off all the light and lay besides her . Suddanelly  he gets up kiss her on the forehead which brings tear to her eyes . He brings her close to him and closing his arms around her small  frame he smells her entoxicsted scent running his nose on her neck. Good thing is she doesn't fight . At all. Her all strength is drawn . She has lost the biggest battle   of her life.

He is awake he always wakes up early what with his work out and jog.she is not besides him . He runs to the kitchen . Scared that yesterday night must have last nail in her coffin. She is sitting by the Mandir looking at murti. Just blankly. Like she has nothing to say or hear. He has made her mute . Mute to this chaos. He thinks it's good he doesn't want her chirpy mood when it's cutting his heart. His eyes roams on her body automatically , it's all covered. She has put on saree but not like her Di all net and transparent its thick material  and she has wrapped all around her not showing any skin. Only her face is open that's it. But why?? She always put on dress all with leggings and   Form fitted.

Like a reflex her eyes lands on him . He is staring at her questioningly. Looking at him she pulls her pallu tight around her that makes his eyes go wide with realization . She is scared of him. She is covering herself from him making a saree work like barrier . But for how long? He will be back at evening and she cant stop him. Not bothering to think much he goes to office without having breakfast.

She makes excuse and goes back to her room. Whole day she is scooped up in her room dreading the night. As it night comes. He has come early . She doesn't go to dinner . Just stay in her bed staring absent mindedly. He wonders and enquire if she has taken food they say she is not feeling well. Whole day she spent in her room. He is not happy the last thing he wants is sick khushi. He goes to his room and look at her for a while her never changing face and unblinking eyes. He goes near her and touch her face , she just clutch the sheets in her hands and close her eyes. She doesn't want to fight him because she knows it's not gonna help the situation all is ruined. Gone, stale , her love , affection for this man.

ASR :" look at me." he says seeing she will stay like this not moving or fighting.she looks at him with blank eyes there is know question no argument. Just endless sadness. This look will haunt his life , he is sure of it.

"Don't be like this." he tells her .

Khushi :"how you want me to behave ?  You want me naked on your bed when you arrive ? or on my knees? Tell me  ! Because I have seen how wife behaves , even i have seen trophy wife but  never seen someone like me what I am?? Certainly I am too low class to be your wife, you don't take me to show  off so I am not your  trophy wife. What am I ? Tell me I need to find myself . Or I am your  mistress under the fake marriage ???"

That lone word has got his attention .

He is raged , mad , furiouse . He sees red hearing that word . She is his damn WIFE. And he will make sure she knows that.

" Dammit khushi !! Why do you have to taste my patience. You are my wife that's it . Otherthan that you don't have to think or believe anything  , one more thing we are in this for lifetime not for six month." saying that he leaves the room shattering whole door frame  the way he closes the door.

This is not good news for her . She feels like throwing up and she does; running to the bathroom. He calls doctor and  ask her for contraption and some energy drink. It's night but he is  ASR . All doors open as per his command.
She is back in the room .All pale and trembling like leaf.Oh God !! Now what ?? That is all she can think. But when does she has ever have choice when it came to him and her. He called shot all the time. Every time ! she never stand a need to stress over it now. Her life has taken 180 degree  turn , there is nothing she can salvage . All has  ruined. All her happiness has been stripped off from her life. It's like she has to go through it however. No dream no milestone to make . The best part is she doesn't want to pretend anything now. No false cheery show off for anybody. No need for that ; she can't pretend for whole life , so it's better they get used to for her real feelings. Everybody. Even her husband . She doesn't feel anything . Nothing at all. She has become mute . For him her heart is stone.

" Mrs. Raizada ? " smooth voice calls to her.

She looks at the person who called her. Looking at her cloth she is doctor . Yeah her stethoscope says that out loud .

Khushi :" yes?" she is confused.

Doc: " hi I am here to give you birth control. It's shot. And also we will go through your physical . Peps-mare and other internal exam.It would have been lot more easier in clinic , Tomorrow . but your husband wants it done rite now .  "

Hearing this she just nods.

Doc :" please lie down on the bed ."

Doc looks at the ASR , indicating that she needs him to leave.

ASR :" I am staying." he says in final tone not leaving a room for further argument .

Doc sighs heavily but carry on with her work. She asked her to change and remove her bottom . Khushi feels like someone has frozen her seeing that he is going to stay put while doc check her private??? But as always she knows if he has set his  mind to it he won't move. Nothing new there.her face is cold while she removes her bottom and lie down on the bed looking at ceiling all the time . She hiss when she does peps- mare , ASR comes to her taking two  long stride and hold her hand. Putting  other on her forehead.soothing her. He had seen doctor pull her whole uterus , he can't emphasize but he CAN sympathies . He looks at her concern clouding his eyes , forgetting that he hate her with passion . Right now it's his lover who is going through this for him . He caresses  her chick  wiping the tears. He thinks she is crying because of pain , but in truth she is crying seeing the Arnav who had taken place in this moment. Making her want him with devotion and say that she loves him with all His flaw.for once she wants to hear from him that he doesn't hate her. It's okay if he is not able to love  her but she doesn't want him to hate her.
Her heart is paining  for his love , his affirmation for their relation. She doesn't even feel the pain she is going through. He is looking at her she is crying non stop. But it's somehow seems like she is crying for different reason. Not for the reason he thinks . Her painful eyes and her face telling   other  story. He is temped to cup her face and kiss it all better but then he remembers  she is not worth his affection . But affection or not she is Mrs. Raizada. She needs to learn to be his wife. His like dislike . He is not going to take her out anywhere . She will stay back like a good wife . She can have all the luxury as Mrs. Raizada but not as his companion. He will never give her that rite. Never.that lone thought make his jaw clench.  Oh how he wanted to show her whole word . All is ruined. All his dream about being dotted husband and loving family.

Doc :" all done." doctor brings them back from their musing and ask her to take good food she is too weak as per her hight. She gives her shot as birth control . She will call her when second is due. Now she is good to go saying that she leaves. With docter goes their mood and concern . he leaves the room imideatly . Going to his study and working late hour thinking if he goes to the room he want be able to stop himself. He would ride her , he doesn't want that burning need , desire to feel her wrapped around him. She must be feeling some pain after doctor visit. He  works until its two , but as time grows he doesn't feel sleepy. He is more needy. Finally giving into his want he makes  his way toward his room. She is tossing and turning. Dare he think that she may be waiting for him??it doesn't matter thinking that he lies down pulling her to his chest. Molding her body to his form. Trapping her legs in between his and burring his face between her valley of breast. Taking deep breath in her scent. Bathing his senses  into her smell and living permanent impression on his mind. She signs heavily and close her eyes, he is holding her body to his tight but she doesn't dare to touch him. Not knowing what he will do. In her mind Touching is much more intimate gesture than fucking . With touch comes the feeling of owning and caring. Touch radiate  the love and passion you feel for your partner . Each and every touch is different .She is not ready for that .she doesn't want to think she closes her eyes and wish sleep to come. But before sleep comes his hard on comes to life and ask for her attention . Her breathing  fastens but she remains cool not moving thinking that it's happening in his sleep. He is wide awake tried very hard to tame it but whenever she is near it comes first . His body is in tune with her body like magnet they attract . Pulling each other  close. Finally thinking that he should better finish this busyness so both can sleep quietly . He flips her on Her back , making her snap open her eyes. But seeing the look in his eyes she closes hers . She doesn't want to feel anything but her traitor body respond before her mind catch up.  He removes her bottom and enter her in swift moment closing his eyes. She is way too tight , he can barely fit. But it feels so good. He pulls out and thrust in again making her yelp and fisting the bedshit  tight .  He is touching her g - spot it feels so good , swear to god she just want to turn off her all emotion but he makes her complete . Seeing her reaction he stills.

ASR :" are you okay?? Did it hurt?? You want me to stop??" no matter how much pain she has given her but he can't see her in pain.

She is stubborn Doesn't answer any of his question staying mute. He is not used to silence when he query. That make him mad . very mad.he just pulls out of her and go to restroom and finish his busyness . His face is dark. He enters the room and say one word: "OUT  !"

She jumps and leave the room going into poolside and sitting by the pool.


A Day Out Part 9

A Day Put Part 9

He is working on the computer while she is on hers. He is throwing  glances wondering what is she doing. He has explained whole google page and the thing she can do on blog, notepad or YouTube . But she is typing furiously and getting angry moment by moment. Finally it's getting on his nerve.

ASR : " if you want to break it just throw on the wall."  he says still working on his.Never taking his eyes off the screen.

Khushi:" you know what ?  I might just do that." he can hear the irritation in her voice.

ASR : " why??" now he is curious . She is non violent person other then him she never want bite anybody's head.

Khushi :" it's not working fast." she says putting her head between is hands.

ASR : " bring it here." he tells her cooly. If she is mad then he has to be the cool guy.

Khushi brings the notebook and give him sitting beside him on the couch.

First thing he does that go into history  and sees all the web side she has visited. Cookery, planting and kamsutra and porn.seeing the last one he cocks his eyebrow at her , her eyes are wide and face red she  just want floor to open and swallow her whole. She is mortified.

ASR :" so that is  where you learnt how to bring me on my knees ."she is just about to flee but he is fast. He holds her by hand bring her close making her sit in his lap. He kiss her trying to make her forget all ambrasment she is feeling. And she does kissing him hard. He is growing hard by moment goes.

Khushi :" yes for you I did. I wanted you to feel good. I don't have friends who will guide me so these is where I found all the  answers to my query." she answer him settling on his lap and putting sweet pressure on his cock.

ASR :" good.but today onward I will be your teacher and dummy to do practical ."he says smiling at her trailing his lips on her neck.

Kyushi :" of course . Wouldn't you love that."she says smiling. Tilting her neck and giving him full access to her collarbone . His favorite place.

ASR :" you have no idea. Let me teach you some more about fire wall and then I can teach you what I like." if he wants to get some he better finish with her problem and then later on she can attend to his problem which is standing on attention begging for her hot little mouth.

So next hour he spends explaining to her about all safety gadgets and delete.when she yawns he gets up and carry her to bed. Snuggling with her which ends in making out sasion. And his bursting.

ASR :" this is not fair . Tomorrow we are going together to clinic. Cancel your driving class."

Kyushi :" on one condition ."she says feeling smug.

ASR :" which is ???" he ask her knowing something is cooking up in her mind.

Khushi :" I want to ride your car to the clinic."she says knowing he is protective about his car daring him to say no.

ASR :" my car ??? " he is looking at her. She is the same always taking his best. Testing him, like he will ever say no to her.

ASR :" okay. But first ride my dick . And ride it hard and fast that is how I like it. When you are done with contraptions , I gonna ride you just the way I ride my car fast and furious."

That was the enough invitation for her. She tears open his shirt snapping all the buttons and start kissing him hungrily. She straddle his waist sitting on his hard on and holding the headboard.

Khushi :" ready?"she says looking at his hooded eyes .

ASR :" No . Stand up." he sits and remove her dress in swift motion  along with knickers . He removes his as well then make her sit on his straining dick moaning loudly holding her hips to guide her.

Kyushi :" dont be loud." she challenges him.

AST :" we have sound proof doors.  So  be loud as much as you can." he answers feeling smug with wicked humour.

Khushi :" god . You are wicked."she states laughing .

ASR :" just like start." he orders her.

She starts moving . It's heaven pure bliss. She is moaning and screaming his name. His dick is covered in her juice and by her hot core. She is just about to come but she wants to feel him inside her.she moved bit down and take him in her hand caressing his balls. She point him up and try to feel him at her enrance. Rubbing his soft and leaking head on her whole pushy .

ASR :" please stop it." he is begging her to stop . it's difficult for him to stop his natural urge to thrust in.

Khushi :" I just want to feel you. I want put it all the way in."she is begging and panting mad with desire to sit on his dick and ride  the way he wants her to : hard and fast.

He looks at her, he can't deny her  her quirking body. . " okay. Let me do it."

ASR: " come " saying that he brings her back on his chest and run his hands on her overly heated  skin kissing her body  whatever part his lips can reach. she is trembling . He can see she is crazy with lust if she is on top she would just sit on him forgetting the world or consequences . He make her lay on her back and settle between her legs. Gazing at her pussy and just give in to her desire. He roams his hand on her legs making her drip. Her pussy is glistening with her want. He lift her thighs ducking his head and kissing them.

Khushi :" please,,,"

ASR :" please . What,," he ask her huskily continuing the sweet torture.

Khushi :" please just give me . Give me what is mine."she whispers  again trembling in anticipation  of feeling his glorious dick.

ASR :" tell me that you want my cock khushi. Tell me and I will give you the taste of it. I will put it in your tight pussy but just a taste. I will not fuck you khushi . Because when I start fucking this precious pussy I don't want to stop for years.  I want to fuck it until we pass out and when we come around I will start all over again. My dick is only for you dear. For you to suck and fuck ." he whispers in her ear urging her to say the word and take what is rite fully hers and now onward remain only hers.

Khushi :" god Arnav. Give me your cock , I am  dying here. Please put it in my honey pot . It is been waiting for it so long." she trembles . Waiting  for him to move  it  further with their want , at this point desperate need.

Hearing her saying the cock he lost it and put his leaking tip inside her. He hisses  along with her guttural moan   its so warm and tight. Just a bit , his head is weeping to get in. He wants to push in so badly. She moans arching her back and looking at him  with moist eyes.he feels so good , she can't emagine how it will feel when he is all the way in.she is worshiping him with her eyes his loving husband. Now he had claimed her, truly he is her husband in all the senses. He  looks  at her making sure he doesn't go all the way in but when he sees her devotional expression he gets tear in his eyes he found love and he is going to claim her. His life,  his happiness. All the lust is transformed into prayer.

Khushi :" make love to me." she says softly with tight throat overcome with  emotion and realization that before she was in  love  with him but now he is the breath she needs take to be alive. She can't be without him he is the anchor of her life. Her universe . Her heart and soul .

ASR :" I love you more then my life."saying that he goes all the way in breaking the barrier and making  her suck a large breath. Her eyes brimming with tears.

ASR :" take deep breath it will go away. I love you." he kisses her tears away  and caresses  her arms , legs and finally her breast he suck them and roll them in his mouth. When she is lost in sensation and relax he start to move slowly holding her hips and caressing her round globe turning her on even more. Wow he has found her turn on spot. He is happy. She is moaning loudly , thrashing on bed and pulling his hair kissing him.the pain was sharp but she knew it would happen so she was prepared mentally. She wants their first to be special. So she didn't make a scene and when he started touching her again she was lost in sensation and godly feeling his touch brought.  She felt powerful seeing the love and devotion in his eyes she wasn't alone forgetting herself ; he too was lost in her.She feels so good : whole. Like her destiny has completed . She is home , full . His dick is feeling her pussy just the rite way. She can feel herself stretching too take him deep inside her all the way in.

He wants to  go all the way in, deeper , it's feel so rite . The way it meant to be , he is looking at her seeing how happy she feels making his favorite sound. He moves slowly making sure not to sway in moment . It's strain for him to hold back  but he wants to make her come then he can loose it and  come shouting her name. She comes feeling him deep inside her.

She is happy lost in her bliss. In her orgasm.first  given by his glorious dick.She looks at his pained expression. She touches where they are joined and her eyes widens. Oh god she feels like he is touching her wall but he is not all the way in just 3/4 . She wants to feel him all of him. He is her man; she doesn't want him to hold it back .

Khushi :" I want to feel you . All of you. Deeper. Please go all the way in put my price all in. I am yours don't hesitate . Take me . take me the way you want me with passion. Show me how much you love me. How madly you want me."

ASR :" thank you." this is all he says before he pulls out and push his  whole length in her tight pussy. " oh god . I love you woman so much." saying that he stills and sits up on his knees pulling her and lifting her bottom with his rite hand and kneading her breast by his left hand . He will come soon seeing the way his full lenthgh seethed inside her glistening tight pussy. He start thrusting first slow fearing she will be sore.

Khushi :" faster baby . Give me hard and fast the way you promised ." she always surprise him always . Always taking his emotion to next level.

ASR :" whatever you want darling." saying that he forgets  about the world and start moving into  her he wanted to give her slow and soothing. But this woman is gift from god for him. She want him to give  her hard and fast so let her have it. He is thinking about his tough deal to make it last. He promise one more  minute then he will have mercy on that sweet pussy. Sweet ; oh why didn't he drink her first before he took her?

ASR :" happy khushi ! Is my dick touching all the spot . Is it you G -spot?"  saying that he angels his hips  and thrust in making her scream his name mingled with fuck word.

Khushi :" YES !! Just rite there . Oh god hit it rite there. Oh my god."

ASR :" no god khushi. This is your lard governor .  Rocking  Your world."he says hitting that spot again.

Khushi :"  YES ! My lard governor . Please ..,,"

ASR :" here you come  around my dick , my wife ."saying that he slaps her clit and then pinch it . Making her scream and shouting his name while coming around his dick. Feeling her clenching around his dick he comes too roaring her name and slumping down her body . Thrusting his hips two more times violently .

" oh Arnav." she sighns happily.

"Khushi , I love you . You are the best." he  is taken aback by her willingness to make him happy. She is the only one piece made by god only for him. He is sure about it. No one can beat her at keeping him happy. His cock is still inside her he doesn't want to get up but he knows she is all wet and covered in her blood her virginity. So he gets up and fill the hot tub with water  putting some soothing oil .  He can see her dick covered in blood but he is not disgusted it's her innocence .he take her morning cloth out , looking  and smiling at her sated face and sweat covered body . putting her towel near hot  tub he comes and carry her to the bathroom. She doesn't say anything just looking at him  like she has scene the light after  suffering long month of darkness. He carries her to restroom. He washes her body under the shower , lathering with gel. He opens her leg gingerly knowing it must be hurting her, because she didn't wanted him to hold it back and he has monster dick ; which must have hurt her.

Khushi :" I am okay."

ASR   Looks at her wondering that just looking at his face she can read his  mind. With this talent of her how he will ever surprise her.he kisses her down there muttering sorry.

Khushi :" are you talking to my pussy ?" she chuckles.

ASR :" no I am talking to my treasure and saying sorry so it will welcome me with warmth next time ."
Khushi :" next time??" she asked haughtily.

ASR :" don't get any idea. Not before we go to clinic and ask for after contraption and your until you get good to go."

Khushi :" yeah the way I  feel may be one day will do good to us."she says wrinkling her nose.her private is burning and her hipbone feels sore. Like she has walked miles . Her thighs are sore to but she doesn't want to worry  him with her soreness.

ASR :" thank god for agreeing ." he says taking deep breath.

They sock in hot tub hugging each other sated and happy.herback to his front.  World has been forgotten . Just Arnav and Khushi. Only this two ; slipped in wonderland of their love .

He is running his hands on her arm and thighs soothing her. Water is hot it's feel good on her sore muscle. She feeling sleepy. He sees that but before they go to room few things to be taken care.

ASR :" you just stay rite here. I will  come for you ." he says touching her chick and kissing her
tampel. She looks at him questioningly. He just shook his head and leave the tub.

Water is running down her chiseled  body . She feels desire  again taking residence in pit of her stomach . Droplet making their way sliding down his body. She wants to leak then clean. Her eyes changes going dark if she wasn't sore she would have ride him hard. But she has to wait at least one day .

ASR : " like what you see Mrs. Raizada????" he ask her tying a towel around his waist and chuckling . they are pair ,Never satisfied when it comes to their want and need for each other.

Khushi :" you are lucky I am sore Mr. Raizada." she says cocking her perfectly threaded eyebrow.

ASR :" rain check??"

Khushi :" sure thing. In this very tub. And shower." she says her voice getting husky by each sentence.

ASR :" deal." he says and leave the bathroom smiling like a fool. Giddy.

He removes bedcover and put new one. Bottle green silk bedshit.     he make the bed changing pillow covers cushion and putting their cloth in laundry hamper. He closes the curtain and just one soft light is on other then that they are ready for bed. He goes to the bathroom . His angel  is lost in her thought.looking serene , sated . Head thrown on tub and hands sprawled on sides , one leg up and closed eyes . He comes by the tub and take her hand pulling her out.he takes towel and dry her body lovingly  . When she is fully dry he removes his towel and carry her naked to there bed. She looks around smiles  thinking that the person who doesn't drink water by himself had made bed for sweet. She feels giddy ,loving and cared.he is looking at her face which is showing all the rite emotion . She gets him. All his little did and gesture.

He puts  her in middle of the bed. Double checking the door lock and laying beside her gathering her in his arms. He is sated by her closeness her giving  nature. She is getting heavy , her breathing getting deep. Finally she sleeps . Then like always she whispers his name and throw her arms round him hugging him and settling her head in the crook of his neck signing softly. He closes his eyes looking at her face and smiling. This is new beginning of their relationship they have moved step forward . It's feel like dream coming true. Thanking his lucky star he closes his eyes her beautiful  face is his last memory.

Its early morning. She always gets up early but today before her alarm goes off, her husband's  glorious cock is poking into her ass. Making her want it between her leg or mouth. But she knows she can't have him in her she is tender over there. What had happen to her ? this is puja time and she is thinking of his member in her mouth or cunt. She has become wanton  creature.she is giddy lost in ASR land.she doesnt want to enter  real world.she want to stay here wraped up in his he feels what she is thinking he brings her lose nusseling into her neck and playing with her breast.again they start what if she cant have him in cunt,there is lot more place she can have him and rock his world.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mine to do part 1


This story includes Dark personality of the main character . This story portraits the ASR which I saw in first episode . Ruthless and Dominent. Take what he wants.

So please who are opposed to dark figure and hardcore story material please stay away.

Even if you read and don't like please don't comment. I DO NOT NEED your nagative opinion . I know what I am writing . So please don't tell Me. .

Welcome to the plot.

Mine To Do

As he danced with her, he felt raw pain and blind lust . She is his . He will make sure everybody know that to. She is not looking at him. But he is looking around , and find that creep is ogling her. And remember the night which has altered his opinion on whole life .He looks at her she is like she doesn't want to see ASR face. That won't do she WILL do whatever he decides for her. Thinking that he takes a lead.she can feel something has changed in his demeanors , the way he is looking at her is animalistic . She is like" What" . He is not in a mood to explain or give reassurance to her silence query .

He pulls her hands wide give her raging look. This position bring them closer physically . He can feel her heat , beating heart. He throws her around as move required for dance but before she looses and fall he balance her. He uses his body language to saw the creep that she is his and his only. He can do whatever he want to do with her. And tonight he Will. He going to claim her. he will do his foreplay in front of everybody. Let them see he is going to rock her world and let specially creep see that he is going to ride her hard and fast just like this dance . There is nothing which can calm him other then knocking off this sexual frustration .He is satisfied that she can match his steps. They are synchronizing each and every step.

When Di sends them in and he falls on her on than decorated bed. He sees her hard breathing , parted lips and searching eyes. She looks like angle in dim light.his whole body is burning for her. He is top on her , crushing her soft curves. That's a golden moment. He throws the stick away and touch her lips with his fingers smearing the lipstick. Then he moves to her heaving breast and squeeze it hard until she yelp in moan or pain he doesn't know. He gets up and tore off his own shirt. He removes his belt snapping off belt buckel is loud . She is just staring at him . She doesn't know what to do . What is he doing?She is not ready , this not how it should happen . She gave herself to him when they were dancing , he used her like rag doll. She didn't complain. Seeing look in his eyes she understood that was he needed at that time . But rite now she doesn't know what to do. Looking into his eyes she finds he had made up his mind. There is no turning back.

He is looking at her as he remove the last article of his cloth showing his member to her. He strokes it sqeezes it and mount her. He tears her cloth apart . It's loud and sinister voice. He knows this is not how it should happen he has loved this girl. Even though he doesn't want to he still loves her.Shyam face come to his mind and again he is blind with rage. He bites down on her shoulder hard leaving mark for him to see that what he did to her whole night. Yeas he is going to do her whole night. She is like statue not moving at all . That is good he doesn't want her smart mouth other than it's occupied with his monster. He is kissing every inch of her body but not lips. She is not worthy of that. She tries very hard not to react but this is first time he has touched her so intimately . She can't hold her wh**e like moan when he goes down on her. She is shattering apart and than comes the pain. He enters her not forcefully but not gently either. She cries he wipes her tears and carrases her chick eyelashes which are squeezed tight. The pleasure is unbearable he starts moving in her and soon her cries turn into moan. He starts the tempo and doesnt hold back he wants her to limp tomorrow to make it clear he did enjoy himself . He grunts when he feels her clenching around him . He let it go and let the thrill to take him to the pick.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Dark Desire Part 4

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Part  4
First thing first. She opens her secrete wardrobe , well secret means she used to wear all those outfit for her boyfriend , when she wanted him to jump her.

 Stockings : check
Skirts : check
Stiletto : check

Backless top : check
Sexy make up artist :check
Okay let the day began . Her head is pounding by the hangover she has gotten from her night date with scotch. It's okay only drinking that she has found a resolve and nerve to do what she had planned for him. He wants to make her jealous ?? Take this dic* head. She mumbles .

She has put on burgundy  butterfly open back top with black  sexy little skirt and fish net black stockings. And burgundy stiletto six inch . Which makes her legs look miles long and gives her sultry look with tons of confidence . She takes out black little purse and make her way toward her car.
She is five minuts early than regular time she goes . She takes their coffee and make her way toward office humming the song. She is in good mood because she knows his brain is gonna have stroke when he sees her like this and can't touch her, well not the way he wants to because of yesterdays show. He would be too guilty and hesitant to do such thing. Let the show begins saying that  to herself she enters his office, she is going to be here until he opens the door and sees her bending on his table where he was humping her girlfriend. Now it's time to show what he is missing by messing with her. His table is organized as before. She put his files in order by whatever meeting he is attending today. She hears him coming and her bravado falters making folder slip from her grasp. Well she found that perfectly fine even in flustered state her clumsyness give her perfact excuse to bend.  Great ! Just Great.

She bends by the waist holding table for balanse picking up the folder. Her hair falls on her  shoulder living her back bare to his vision . Her perfect ass is in the air for his fantasy to capture it nicely for future reference . Her long legs are crossed by ankle oh how he wants to wind them on his waist showing her star and making her scream his name. Her fishnet stocking is giving her sultry look along with her backless top which holds by the string easy to tug and breack .she moans because she is not able to reach there. He comes directly behind her if she turns her breast would be touching his solid form and she would definatly know how much she is effecting him when his still hard co** poke in her belly. Of course by accident only.
ASR :" let me help you." he whispers in her ear. She would have been shivered if it wasn't for the fact that hearing his husky voice she can place his yesterday's facial expression and remember how turned on he is with this voice and how glorious he looks when he is about to come. That is enough siren for her to move swiftly from him .Making him flinch by rejection.

Khushi ::" no need Mr.Raizada . It's taken care." saying that she goes to her cabin swaying her hips in that tight fitting skirt. Take That Assho** mumbling.

The fact that she called him by his formal name is not lost on him. He  just stare at her gapping like fish.but he doesn't get much time to dwell on that because he has to make a  round and meet with Akash. He finishes his morning retual looking through his day plan and making sure he is ready for  whatever meeting he is having. Meanwhile throwing glance in her direction but blinds to her cabin is closed. Really after giving him a peep show she is going to ignore him? That won't do.but after yesterday's event he doesn't have nerve to call her in so he can ogle her.they haven't exchanged any word but her nonchalant attitude is getting under his skin. He doesn't like that at all. It's eating him inside , he wants to go to her and say sorry . He knows with that word only the flood gate will open , " what they are really?" " what is there future?" what are they doing?"Giving name to there relasionship is not easy . She is engaged , he is involved with someone else who thinks they are soulmate and gonna get married. So many things need to taken care before he utters that word. He has destroyed whole gameplane he had set up for her. Now it has to start at her on term , not by his power or art of seduction. She would punch him for sure if he goes near her uninvited . He doesn't see any invitation coming soon from her side.
He has decides he wants to go to pub after work . He need to loosen up. Anyway it's Friday . Whole day he doesn't see her much. He has played by rules for once . Only professional . Anyway cristmass is two week away after that he would break up with Lavanya and make amends to Khushi . May be  she will give him chance. all is well. He will make sure meanwhile she break up with her so called boyfriend.

She has managed whole day without drooling on him. Whenever she would feel that he is looking at her through blinds . She would just take deep breath and remember that she needs to get over with it. Even if they get close she would be just his Fu**buddy nothing more. She is not that girl she wants everything with him . Their first date to her  last birthday. As per the way he is behaving it's feel like her illusion is shattering in million pieces, no less. She knows he used Lavanya to make her jealous. He is confused he needs time to make up his mind . He himself doesn't know what he wants. Lavanya the easy relationship or her . With her he knows he will get the test of his own medicine . She loves when he is being dminant  but if he is being unreasonable she wouldn't hesitate to kick his ass.that is the first thing she needs to address  when he comes to her kneeling. Her last thought is poor Lavanya.

He is sitting on barstool in corner. He doesn't want to get disturbed . He feels her before he sees her . It's always like this breeze caring her scent making his body go the morning she wears cloth like she is going to club and write now she is in designer jeans and top?? What a girl he got to work with .professionally and mentally. She is coming in . Is she alone? He doesn't like that at all. Pretty girl like her should always have company. But his thought are short lived. He is taken aback by the scene he is witnessing . She has kicked the guy on his groin and her stiletto is on his chest digging into him.
Khushi :" nobody touches me without my wish. Got it." saying that she goes to the  bar. End of the corner and orders her tequila. She gulp it down like a water making sour face.she is pissed at herself whole day she managed to avoid him without being rude ; not that he didn't deserve. But it's hard for her to remain aloof to him. She can deal with arrogant ASR , but tender one is fuc**ng with her mind. She still feels like he is here. In this pub very near. But she doesn't look around . She doesn't want to meet  with curious gazes. Like today she will make sure She doesn't cross his path without reason.She doesn't want to see the look in his eyes like he has lost her. No he didn't lost her, not by long shot.  he is on rite path where he will find her . If he finds her she will be his  for forever. She is not waterwork girl crying on each and every occasion . But rite now she is breaking inside. The look he gave her yesterday  when he opened his eyes hearing phone call was devastating . It's like he was wishing that the person who is shattering in his arm should have been her.she can't take it anymore pretending to be tough when she is losing. She is crying . She doesn't even wipe her tears . She wants them to run and heal her. She feels the hand on her shoulder and turn. She gives the man teary smile . ASR is shocked to see the person who is standing beside her. Consoling her just by the tender look. No word has been exchanged but silent conversation is taking place between them. He has been watching her forgetting his drink and reason to be at this place. Seeing her loosing is not something he wish to see. Her tearstained face will haunt his sleep . He wanted to go to her and take her in his arms but he knows he is the reason she is crying. Crying hard without making scene. She has leaned into the visitor. Who is none other than her father Shashi Gupta.. She has become his baby girl once again. She needs him. He doesn't ask anything . He just holds her and let her cry. After sometime he ask her if she is ready to go home or she would like to stay little more.
Khushi:" lets go dad. Drop me at my place. I can't face mom like this."

Shashi :" it's okay. Everybody had pass through this stage . You are not alone. I am just happy you want me  around  when you are at your lowest point."
Khushi :" it's not even official and I am brocken by his action. I am pathetic Dad."she says laughing without humour.
Shashi :" if it makes you feel better . I will tell you mine but not now. I want you to remember so when next time you feel like crying you won't need drink to make it easier."
Khushi :" I love you daddy . Let's go."
Shashi  :" wait." he removes her stiletto and put his hands around her shoulders to manage her weight. She is light weight girl. Daddy's girl . The weight of her sorrow he is not able to handle.he would kill that motherfu**er, who had made her brave girl cry. The thing is he wants her to fight her own  battle. World is very cruel and he wants her to fight  back not getting  shielded by  daddy.

He drops her to her room and lock her house. Making sure all the windows and doors are locked.
He had witnessed whole scene. It's very clear he would be in moral danger if he mess with her.his father is powerful man with moral. But he is sure as hell he wouldn't mind castrate him if he wronged her daughter. He loves her and he would do anything to protect her. Just like he would do for his Di. He is standing outside her apartment hiding behind the tree.
Shashi :" you can go home now . She is safe." he says with warning clear in his voice laced with knowledge that he knows what is going on.
ASR :" Mr.  Gupta..,"
Shashi :" save it for later. Not today when I am biased seeing her cry. My little girl."he says venom dripping in his voice and clenching his fist.
First time he fears someone , because he knows whatever he is doing is wrong by so many degree. So he just toward his home.he has gotten so many calls from Di and Lavanya. He just want to be alone and have pity party.
" my head! Not again."she says groaning .she really need to get a grip and quit drinking at least on weekdays. Cursing repeatedly she gets up and get ready for the day. She needs strong black coffee. She can't believe her dad was there to hold her. But she doesn't feel odd or ashamed by it. She would want her dad every turn of her life. Doesn't matter it's good or bad.

She puts on sleeveless  White shimmer top with hot pink frill skirt which comes to her thigh. She decides  she doesn't want to put on stockings . If she bent people behind her will get good look at her ass.She puts hop pink peep toe heels and leave for work.she goes to her desk pulling all the files  and putting them in order. She wants to test him, that how possessive he would get .

She is there but his whole office in chaos.It's been remodeling . All of his furniture is gone replaced with new one. Dark black replaced by new rich dark brown . Along with showpieces and every piece of his room is gone. But why? Little she knows that all this  indicate their new start of relationship he is trying to start with her.  He is standing there looking at his once furnished office getting changed . She admires  his back knowing he cant see her. She starts with his muscular legs and sexy ass. Oh how much she wants to smack that arrogant ass turning it into beautiful red.she suddenly   feels hot by  the  thoughts she is having about the person  whom she is avoiding.she doesn't know that he can feel her watching him.but doesn't turn he has done that  so many time. Now he wants to give her shot. Firstly changing whole environment . So it wouldn't bring old memories. It's all new in this room he wants to have new memory with her all with her acceptance and willingness. He wants to remove all her sorrow and bitterness from her heart. He wants to shower  her  with love. He stops mid thought startled by the direction his thoughts are taking " LOVE." ???? where did  that come from?? He has been in relationship with La last two year but he never thought about it let alone consider it or use it. But with Khushi all his caution  are thrown away. That is what she does to him make him break all the rules he had made for himself to live easily. He works with models. top  models. But he had never look at them twice let alone try to seduce them. He needs to  get his bearing back if wants to give her some time and start fresh with her.

She is engrossed with new setting and admiring him loving the way he looking all sexy and arrogant just the way she likes him.she doesn't see the cable on the floor and trips on it. Screaming his name . He turns and just catch her. He looks at her face all red by the rush she felt. He moves his gaze to her face to her whole form and stops at her legs first time  seeing them naked without stocking. He wants to look at them all day but he knows workers are to having a good look at them . He just pulls her up and take her to her cabin. sliding window blinds and closing the door. She is looking at him bewildered he doesn't even notice he is doing all this frantically holding her in his arms. But his movement brings pain back in her ankle and she moans feeling pain. It's twisted , may be she has to go to doctors office.
ASR :" are you okay? " he is worried hearing painful moan.
Khushi : " do i look okay??" she ask sarcasticaly.

she gives him glare massaging her rite leg .
He has heard her but his eyes are trained on her hand which are caressing  that masterful art of god which is her legs. He wants to do that badly. His hands moves on his own accord.he removes her hands and put them on her knee. Her skirt is small too small for his liking. Just up to the thigh . Lavanya always put on cloth like this . He doesn't mind that, but  rite now he is mad . Why does she need to dress like this? And today he wishes she would put on her stocking back the way she does everyday. He would love to see her legs but doesn't want other to ogle them . Her beauty is only for him to admire not for other to lusting after them.
She is transfixed the way his face changes with each and every emotion. He is having lots of thought all together. She sees as his hand move to touch her leg. She closes her eyes in anticipation thinking he would go directly for her calf and start caressing it.making journey toward her ankle where it's hurting like a bit**. but he surprise her by his tender  touch on her ankle.
ASR :" does it heart ?" he ask her hoarsely. He clears his throat , and look at her.
Khushi :" yes." she whispers too transfixed by his gaze and his bedroom voice . He doesn't touch her sexily but his voice and eyes says all what she needs to know . He is way too affected by her closeness . If he stands she will see Jr. Mr.Raizada on attention
He is  kneeling on the floor. He gets up and remove his jacket making her eyes go size like a soccer ball. He does that all the while maintaining eye contact with her. He put his jacket on the table and go out.  He brings the extra chair and put her legs on it being extra careful so he won't hurt her already hurt leg. Then he again surprise her by covering her legs by his suit jacket Armani nonetheless . She is just looking at him.his caring side , the way he is taking care of her . He doesn't take the advantage of situation and stare at her legs more than it's necessary . He is being attentive . He looses his tie knot and call the doctor .
Khushi :" I dont need doctor ." she says angrily .
He just gives her " don't bullshit " look and goes back to the conversation saying how it happened. He is in ASR mode. She can see that . She want to riled him up. So she stands up dropping his jacket on the floor.she whimpers .
ASR :" What the .... can't you listen to me once for a change ?" he says grabbing her by shoulders and making her body flush with him. Her heaving breast is touching his hard one. His eyes burning with authority and power he has on her. He  is livid. He can't see her in pain and she is making it worst.
She smirks getting the desired reaction out of him.
Khushi :" and ... Why would I do that???"she ask smirking.

ASR :" simple . Because I said so. " saying that he let go off her shoulder.
 But she was giving him full control . She sways the moment he let go of her. He catches her by waist  before she falls. this position is perfect think both of them. They fit together so nicely  like puzzel.. Its like they are made for each other. His fingertips burning her flesh , she can feel him twiching on her tummy. She whimpers not by the pain but want for this man. They are so close one little move and he could kiss her. She wouldn't resist swayed in a moment she will reciprocate just with as much intecity he would start. But not like this . This it not how it should happen. She can see his thought changing the mans  mind who doesn't even know that the way he is holding her she is off balance again. Her leg is in-between his legs . They are rubbing each other sensitive part just the rite way. His hips moving without his permission . There breathing mixed with each others . She is clutching his shoulder digging her nails into's too much to handle she closes her eyes. If she to look at them one more moment she would kiss him. Knowing that he is someone else , still she would kiss him . That is what required for her to breath and live being sane. But as much as she would love to do that she doesn't want to be the other woman in his glamorous life. No she  deserve much more than that title.
He is lost  in her eyes ,deep chocolate  brown eyes. Hi wants to throw  her on that table and kiss her hard . Never  stoping , making her forget whole world, her whimpers indicate she is thinking same. Here he though  he made decision that he would give her time but rite now it looks unnecessary . He is lost in her scent , eyes and heat of her body which is flushed to him, making him mad with love and lust together. Her eyes are closed he wants to caress her chick and touch her long lashes. He just about to put his thought in action then precisely that moment his phone announce  doctors  arrival .THAMK GOD. moth says mentaly.
He again make her sit on the chair covering her leg. She throws that jacket on the floor.
Khushi :" keep that for your girlfriend.I am free woman."he is going to  burst his forehead vain very soon.
ASR :" If you regard for doctors life , you will put that on. rite NOW. Got It." saying that he gives her steel hard look. Giving once over to her legs.
She smirks . Ok lesion one complete. Thinking that and inwardly patting her back she covers her leg.

Doctor :" does it heart badly?"
Khushi :" yes." she says.
Doctor :" I think you should go to orthopedic ."
ASR :" you think?? Aren't you sure??" oh today is just turn into clusterfu**. firstly his office which should have been done overnight. Then her crazy Khushi who trips over and land in his arm making him rock hard and the way she is dressing  whole day he is going  to remain hard for her.then doctor saying it was waste of time calling him.

ASR :" okay . I can take her to ortho. Give me address ."he calls Akash and says he is taking off.
After ortho he will drop her to her place . He says bye to the  doctor and puts on his jacket . Then he hold her by west and make his way toward parking.
Even though he is supporting  most of her weight it's hurting. She closes her eyes tight shut. He sees that and carry her lifting her up. She just gape at him.
Khushi : " put me down. If Lavanya  sees she would kill you."

ASR :" I don't give flying Fu **  what she thinks. Understood "

Khushi :" you are impossible. " she says huffing .

ASR :"'see your self in mirror first."
Now they are back to banter. He calls her driver to bring his limo. He puts her down and hold her by waist.she doesn't protest liking the feel of his arm around her. He help her sit in the car she has to bend to get in. Her asset is in his face , he controls all his urge to spank that tight ass.  He groans and close the door going to his side of door.he put her both feet in his lap, and start running fingers on his ankle. He doesn't even give much thought that her good leg is on his Di**. She can feel him hardening . She wiggle her foot to move away feeling awkward.
ASR :" stay still!" He shouts at her. When he sees her face all red then only he understand the position they are in. He can't control much. He is hard she is all red and her eyes darkened . Her chick  red as apple and lips quirking.she is leaking them her breathing hard. He closes the partition  mirror of his limo. He stare at her whole time trying to decipher her reaction . She knows what is he doing , he is challenging her to stop it. But she doesn't she stares  at him unaffected . She is not scared of him. Never it's always other feeling she gets when he tries to challenge her, he makes her more willing. She knows what is coming next maybe he will attack her or shout at her. Both turns her on . No worries. She can deal with that.she is wrong.

He looks at her. He tried very hard to maintain professional; but he is damn sure it's not possible . For none of them. So What the hell. Let the show begin. Thinking that he gives into his wants at this point his need to feel her. To make her see how much he can give her. He leans into her and take her left hand removing her engagement ring she doesn't stop him judt look at him. He put the ring in his pocket . He sits back and run his hands on her smooth legs. She catches her breath and closes her eyes feeling his sensual tuoch. Which is turning her into molten wax and burning lava at the same time. He starts with her toes feathery touching then he moved toward  ankle he kisses them both. First whispery soft and then open mouthed. By this point he is on the car floor and between her legs. Near by the promised land. He thinks about today . First time he has seen her  legs and wants to worship them with all her might. He keeps running his hands on her legs , every time taking them further up , up , up. He kisses her calf biting it slowly just to ignite want in her . Just enough to make her drip through her panty. He is at her thigh he pauses looking at her face which is flushed with her hot blood and  emotion. He can see it's overwhelming for her. He wants to give her more seeing her face she would just come on his leather sit any moment. He wants her scent in his car. He want to smell her heady arousal every time he ride in this car.he put his hands under her skirt and carress her full hips. She moans putting her hands on his hands halting his moment. He doesn't he is like a man on the mission . He wants to make her come without touching , well on intimate part of her body. He runs them up and down on her thigh while kissing her milky white thighs . She doesn't stop him , too much lost in pleasure to make sense of what is happening. He becomes brave he put his hands inside of her thigh making her breathing stop. He moves upward whispering into her ear to let it go. It feels too good to stop. Leg him have this moment with her. Keeping his hands in her inner thigh and opening her legs wide. When she nods he becomes brave and removes her panty , putting them in his suit pocket. She freezes.
ASR :" I want touch there if you don't want me to . But please let it go. Don't stop yourself from feeling a pleasure you feel. Just let it go . "
Khushi : " just kiss me." she whispers back.finally overtaken by her need to feel him.feel his want for her.That no matter what he wants her.he is addicted to her the way she is.
That is the all invitation he needs . She is already sprawled on the seat. He take resident on top of her making sure  not to  jostle her much. She thought he would just grab her boob the way he was staring at then last few days. But again he surprise her by taking  her face into his hands tenderly and kiss her with all the emotion he was withholding . She kisses him back by abandon . Plunging her toung  into his mouth and discovering his taste . Moaning loudly. Winding her good leg around his waist pulling him on her. Pressing his co**  into her centre and moving her hips. He let her dominate the kiss for a while but it's not satisfactory . He holds her still by fisting her hair and pressing her back to his body more tightly. He would let her take control down there but here he has waited long . He bites  her plump lips making her whimper and suck it hard . He takes turn and then he enters her mouth first he kisses her thoroughly and then he Fu **s   her mouth with his  toung. Showing her how exactly he likes.
She utters one word when he releases her mouth letting hef take the breath.
Khushi :" please , please." he can see her whole body is strained , tight and burning. She needs her release. Badly.

He puts his hands on her naked ass and thrust her hips hard into his shaf* . making her scream his name. Again and again . She comes on his dic* . making his trouser stained by her arousal . Her body relax, slumps down . Her body is covered in sheen of sweat. He wants to leak every part of her luscious body . He wants to drink from her honey pot. But one step at a time. Thinking that he kisses every part of her face. Her forehead , chick her chin , nose he nibbles her ear lobe. Making her tremor in his arm he is still hard . so focused on her that he doesn't want to be greedy to seek for release. He would take care of it in the shower.rite now he wants to cherish her, say thank you by action that what she had given him is much more then he thought at this early stage of  whatever they are doing. His face shows  all the gratitude he feels .
She take his face in her hands to kiss him. She knows how he likes. She  pulls him down on her by pulling his hair jerking him forward  and kissing him like she is going to devour him .roaming her hands on his back making his back and Di ** twitch in unison. She runs her good leg on his leg which is covered in offensive material , his trouser . Feeling all this ministration he comes  in his boxer whispering her name and biting on her shoulder  which would leave mark for sure.he is happy so happy .he had never given control  in bed to other person but he would love to give it to her. They can discover so much pleasure together. He is estatic but now that the moment of passion is over he looks at her if she is regretting.  She has her eyes closed tear rolling  down  from both corner.he wipes them and kiss her softly on her eyes. Giving her assurance that whatever happened between them he doesn't regret. Not for a one second.
ASR :" don't cry ! It's most beautiful moment of my life.please dont taint it with crying . "
She is so overcome with emotion. She wants him so badly , fully without worry and any complication. But it's not possible he has girlfriend waiting for to get engaged. Unwantedly  she has become other woman . In everybody's eyes She is not loving him she is whoring herself as his PA. What ever people were whispering it has  become true now. The thought brings fresh round of tear and she sobs clinging to him. He doesn't know what to say what to do.
ASR :" do you regret it???" he ask  frightened by her behavior.
Khushi : " you have a girlfriend. I am a slut." she says getting angry at herself and for her low tolerance for his proximity.

ASR : " not for long. And never use those word for Yourself .EVER!!!"
He says angrily to her forgetting everything else around him, he sees red . Her word had triggered his true temperature . He won't allow her to lower herself . He loves her. He is going to marry her. She can't say all those horrendous word about herself.
ASR :" she is on the tour , when she gets back I am breaking up with her. So I can be with you. I care about you. I don't want to hide it anymore behind pretense . "
She looks at him blankly.
Khushi :" are you sure ? This is what you want?" she ask her knowing there is a big personality difference between Lavanya and her. Lavanya worship the land he walks on. On other hand she would take all her command but if he is rude she would smack his sexy back without regretting.
ASR :" yes ! It's been six month I am thinking over it. Now I think is a high time I should act." he says confidently ." just one more week."

Khushi :" okay."
He calls driver and ask him to take the car to  her place.
Khushi :" but doctor?"
ASR :" first you will change."he says turning into full  ASR mode.
Khushi :" no"
ASR :" oh ! Really . Think about it , your skirt is short , very short I would say for out sider . For me it's just rite . And your panty is here . "He says twirling  her panty in his hand. Then he comes  close to her and whisper in her ear." I won't be a gentleman, trust me. I will have lots of fun. The way you are having since morning."He says smirking at her.
Khushi :" trust me you will pay for it."

ASR : " with  pleasure."

Monday, 9 April 2012

A Day Out Part 8

He is in office, wondering her reaction for bikini wax. Yeas he hopes she wouldn't punch the person who is attending her. He will have to remind her that he wants that to be done. He can't compromise with that. If she is uncomfortable he wouldn't force her, but he would really love it if she gets done

He SMS her. mentioning the time to their appointment.

She is having a chat with Jiji . She is teasing her about if this is how they gonna do she  should warn her . She doesn't like her husband loosing because her baby sister is horny for her husband.
She is giggling and turning more red if it is possible.All giddy after having him two times in morning. She can't wait for night to come.

Khushi :" we have spa appointment  around 2:00. So please tell Di to be ready." saying that she goes to her room. She gets ready putting more appropriate cloths.. She locks her room and make her way downstairs.
Now that she is confident enough with auto car she want to test his car. She is giddy about driving his vehicle . That is her lard governor second throne. His power chair and car. He spends so much time with them.

it's 1:00 when she receive the SMS . She feels good but something bugging her about his insistent behavior .she think that she should ask Di .

Khushi :" what are we gonna do at spa Di ??"

Anjali :" you will love it."

Khushi :" he was cryptic about waxing. "

Anjali :" god." saying that she turns away and chuckle. She doesn't want to know at all what he has ask them to do for khushi. But she knows him and with that knowledge she doesn't want to scare her.

Khushi :" that's fine you don't have to mantion it." seeing Di's scarlet face she doesn't want elaboration on her spend. If they start teasing they wont stop like morning.

Di :"let's go."

They make their way in spa . They are early but being Raizada they don't have to wait.
For madi, padi, facial they stay in one room chatting but for massage and waxing they chose to go separately . When the girl ask her to remove her bottom she just stare at her like she had lost her mind.

Seeing Khushis expression she hands her a list which her husband had filled her to get done. Her eyes go soccer size when she reads the word " bikini wax" and her temper flaired. What the hell !! He would want someone else to touch me there ? Had he lost it ? Does he thinks I am ugly over there ? Nasty even ? That's why he didn't touch me there yet. She can see that most of the things are done . Only wax is remained. She just leave the room shoking the staff. She seats in the sofa and waits for her Di and Jiji to get done.

Di :" are you done ?"

Khushi :"  yes . "

Jiji :" really?" then she looks at her and see her troubled face. " okay ! How about waxing? Is is done ?"

Khushi :" no . I am not doing it."

Di :" didn't you talk about it in the morning???" she is worried now the one thing he doesn't like is disobideance  . But she has to solve this tactfully , they both are stubborn.

Jiji : " khushi don't . Don't think too much . For once just let it go. You don't have to like each and every thing  life offers. Each man has there trait  if you love them you will accept them the way they are. So please, just for once behave the way he wants you to."

Khushi :" well,,," then she puts his criyptic word and the list together. She is confused what to think. Is he persistence about it?? Is it compulsory to be with him?? Then only answer come to her mind is " no" she knows he would like it if she get done this but he would still want her without all this too. Thinking that she goes to the room and give the girl one instruction before starting.

The girl distract her with other story and create friendly environment .It was painful experience , but after feeling the smoothness she feels like it's worth it.

They are all back to the RM. She had doctor appointment but she is too scared to go alone. She can take Jiji  but feels odd to ask. If she tell Jiji she will get suspicious . Di too. In the last she cancels it.
She is not going to make it to the yoga. She is fine with that she doesn't need any rubbing over there. She is with Nani , when her cell rings. It's ten minutes after her appointment. She picks up.

ASR :" where are you? Did you forget the time??"he is shouting at her, thinking she can't do one thing as she is told.

Khushi :" no I was just,,,,," she doesn't get to finish the sentence before he hung up on her. She is mad .very mad. How dare he !!!

She goes to her room and deside good sock is in order to calm her nerve and flaired temper. It was relaxing after taking massage but she feels like seating in water and forget all what has happened . his OCD nature , her loosing it, painful waxing.

Her eyes are closed . She has put on soft music and timer to get out . She doesn't want her all silky smooth body to turn pruny. She closes her eyes but even in resentment state she can't feel anything  but proud to be Mrs . Raizada .his chiseled face and glorious Jr. Mr. Raizada. Her breathing goes fast remembering the  morning which feels like days ago.he was  so smooth but the question is does she want him all smooth without any flaw? 

She is so lost in her mind that she doesn't even notice her husband is siting in the  sofa looking at her.  He was angry hearing she didnt go to gynac . He desided he would take her there  but firstly discuss what is the matter.but as always he gets surprised when matter comes to the khushi. He comes to their room thinking she would be here . But what he founds?slow  music coming from the restroom. And emages come to his mind . He wants to see her. So he  takes the spare key for bathroom and unlocks it  entering the heaven where her nymph is laying in the water , closing her eyes , mumbling something. His eyes make there usual journey roaming on her flushed skin which is socked  in water.Taking into her naked breast and slim waist . Her flat tummy . Thank  god her one leg is up . He get to peak at the secret place of her body which nobody has scene yet. His gaze lingers on her pu***. It's look so good , it will even taste better. He is planning all the thing he want to do to her. She is only one who is belating it.When her breathing get labored he can't hold it back . He whispers her name automatically , and her head snaps up in the direction of voice looking like deer caught in the headlights.

Khushi :" you ?? When did you get here ? how did you get in here?" she is sure she had locked the door .

ASR :" one at a time. It's been five minuts. And I used the spare key." he says checking his watch and looking at the enigma : khushi.

She looks so beautiful . She doesn't even try to be seductive and she brings him to his knees.he has seen so many girls naked . On shoot, on nude beach but nothing has captured his heart , brain and soul all together. Only she has a power to melt  ASR in Arnav , who wants to write poetry on her beauty and spend endless day and night scooped up on lonely Iceland with her forgetting all the busyness . he hasn't even see her full form only her perky nipple showing through the water.he wants to suck them hard making  her moan like morning . It feels like days ago sensing their  mood and temper.

She is mad that he comes like this and invade her privacy. Really khushi ??? Her inner voice ask her sarcastically .but all her madness melt into pride when she sees him looking at her like she is the only girl he sees in this world . He has never look at La like this . This look is new love, want , adoration , need and satisfaction mixed  all together. She knows she is naked she should feel self conscious . He is far too beautiful than her. Almost all the girl will cat fight to spend a hour with him.But he doesn't want them . He had never wanted them. Even though when he was with La ;whenever they bump into each other it was always like a fire works for them. He would not let go the chance of touching her , other would think manhandling but they both knew it was a need to feel their presence . To touch and relish in that moment by accident or intensenal  . It was their need to come that close but he always found the excuse to do that he would never leave a chance to grab her sometimes leaving marks if he was angry. Even someone else was looking at her he would get angry because he didn't have that freedom with her like others.he was with La.the relationship of convenience.   

Oh all these last days he has been so loving and caring . She missed the lion's roar. His dominance and his temper. She decides she would have bit fun with him.  loving Arnav is good , but she doesn't want ASR to hide somewhere . She wants him fully.with all his flaw and temper plus mood swing.

Khushi :" now can you please get out . I want to put some cloth." even though she says she knows he is not gonna listen. At the  same time her cell alarm goes off.

ASR :" no" he says getting comfy on couch. Putting his ankle on other legs knee and putting his hands under his head..daring her to contradict him.

Khushi :" I won't  come out." good she smiles inwardly she has him where she want him.

ASR : " suit yourself ." saying that he stares at her trying to make her uncomfortable . It has worked on others just fine. his stare is capable of melting a stone.she is the girl hopelessly in live with him. It shouldn't be hard.

ASR :" you are not coming out." it's a statement . He knows she is stubborn just like him :she doesn't like to loose. Whatever , he can make this win win situation.

ASR :" Di, i am  having important phone call so dont disturb me . I will come down when it's over with khushi . She is sleeping taking headache pills. So don't call her either." he cuts his phone and put both of their phone on silent mode.

"are you sure you don't want to come out?? Because I have no reservation in coming in.but let me tell you ;bed would be lot more comfy then tub. Hot tub is different matter. We will keep that in the list."

Khushi :" what??" he always takes  her by surprise. her eyes are bugging out. She is looking at him since he made a phone call that she is sick  with headache . Not that anybody would believe him. They all know he is up to no good.her plan has back fired.

ASR :" on the other hand. Bath sounds really appealing ." He gets up and removes his cloth. All the time staring at her. He is happy she doesn't look away .he sees as his cloth is coming down she is turning on. Rubbing her legs, she doesn't even notices the act. He can make it last longer but , He  wants to see her. under the water droplet running down her body . Lathering her body and making her smell like first monsoon rain. He is naked and hard but not uncomfortable . He is proud of himself more than she likes. He is not shy to show her how much turned on he is for her. Now she regret that she didn't go to gynac. She would have had him in this very tub. Screaming his name and biting him hard on his shoulder.
He is near the tub now he can see that she is bare down there . Smooth like butter and silky soft. He wants to have a taste. He knows he has to make  her beg before he had his much desired drink.She is hyperventilating knowing that first time she is fully naked . She is happy that she went to spa and taken care of whole painful busyness . She can see appreciation in his eyes he loves what he is seeing. She doesn't know he would claim it as ASR of Arnav.

ASR :" scoop"

Khushi :" what ? " she says bored. Like she doesn't care he is naked in front of her.

ASR :" move ! I want to come in." he is smirking . He knows she is playing tough girl .

Khushi :" okay." she moves backward making place for process making her upper half to visible to him without water barrier . 

He sees her nippels are hard and her body is  all red. Maybe because of temperature.her face glowing and legs and hands smooth . Nails done . Good.

Hr can tease her but being by stubborn he doesn't want to loose anymore time with her even though he has her for lifetime. He sits in the tub and calls her near.

ASR :" come here."his eyes says more then word full with promise .

She is looking at him . He is perfection . He gets into tub , his face is determined. She thinks he is going to make her beg for him. But he calls her tenderly but with authority .She goes to him. It's her call , she can't deny him .

He just look at her . So sexy , that is the only thought he has. He just want to enjoy her closeness , nakedness and trying to be being tough he knows she want backdown. He wants to use that as his advantage.when she is close he grabs her neck and kiss her hungrily.Dominating her mouth and seances . But it's not enough .

ASR :" we are done." saying that he carry her dripping body and take her to their bed.first time she doesn't care that their room and restroom both are turning into puddle .

He puts her middle of the bed .hovering over her  he kisses her again. He is frantic the very first time  she is naked for him. His frenzy is palpable . She can see the desire and lust mixing together his need to just take her rite their . His frantic hand touching her every where . Almost like a making sure she is there and he is not dreaming.

Khushi :" Arnav ! Arnav , come here baby. Come." she calls him with lot of force. He looks at her and kiss her. She let him dominate the kiss , letting him know that all is in his control and put her attention to other matter. She runs het hands on his back soothing the enxity he is feeling. She winds her legs on his waist anchoring him to her. Making him groan when her center touches his Sha**.  Oh how much she wants to have him in her. Now she is cursing herself left and rite for missing appointment. She moans loudly making him shiver and more more powerful. He wants to thrust in her. So badly . But he is not teenager kid  he knows how to tame himself. He gives his 100 present attention to her. He starts again . Kissing her from face to neck. He kisses her soft and slow, making shudder  while holding her close by waist. When she is gasping he moves down to her throat papering slow kisses not even missing a inch. He has always admired her long swan like neck.she is moaning loudly like she would come rite there by his kisses. He moves down her breast , perfect . Thats the only word  comes to his mind when he look at them. Oh how much he has checked them out. Always . He just want to get lost on them, they are not forbidden to stare  now. Now he can suck them ,fuck them as he desired. There size , shape he lifts  them in his hands like he is weighting them.he just playing with her breast like this is first time he has seen the boob. He knead them again making her moan and thrashing on bed.her hands are pulling her own hair. She is mumbling plea. He would just comply.  He duck down and lick her nipple. Both  of them. He knead  them again and again her nippels   are so hard . Hard for  him to suck them taste them. He puts  her nipple in his mouth moaning , with other  hand he play with her nippel. Rollong it between his finger. He wants to pinch it but he doesnt know how she would feel about; so he settles for sucking and rolling.Sucking on her nipples and running his hands on her legs. Stopping at thighs and running softly on her inner thigh. This is new for her he doesn't want to scare her. With every move he goes near and near to  her pu***. He want to suck it but before that he want to look at her face when he touches there.  Her breathings are hard and fast. She is panting . eyes closed.

ASR : " shh... Take a deep breath . It's just me. Just me."

Khushi :" yes  you and only you. But all this is new. I don't know what to expect or do."she is saying like it's bad thing.

ASR :" good . Just feel how it's making you feel . Dont hold back . If you don't like anything then stop me." saying that again he roams his hands on her thigh but this time he doesn't stop he runs his all four fingers on her pu***. Its so soft, he has thing for bare pussy. she jumps . He calms her saying whatever he is doing she  would love it.

ASR :" look at me." her hands are on his shoulder. They are face to face. She stares into his eyes as he runs his hands on her pussy. Making her drip . This is dream come true for her . She has always imagined how it would feel to have him touch there. Finally he is and she is behaving like a fool. She smiles at him which turn into moan when he push his index finger in knowing his middle would be touching her barrier . after searching on net and knowing all the thing fingers can do , she has looked at them differently she is not sure from today she can look at them same  way when they are typing on his notebook or he is leaking them while having food.  Thank god to typing that has given them length and girth. He has long sexy fingers like pianist. he is moving it in and out slowly seeing the look on her face he knows she is enjoying. But one is not enough. She is so tight he feels so snugly in there. He is worried how he would feet and move without hurting her. She has to be ready to take him in , his whole lenghth . Just thinking about is making him leak. And with that resolve he adds  second finger. She gasp. He moves  them slowly. He will make sure she is comfortable with this. Her tightness is squizeeng his fingers so hard.he tries to stretch her . She sucks on breath going still. It's too much she was just about to come and he has add another digit. Which makes her feel good but bit uncomfortable .

ASR :" are you okay?" he ask knowing it will feel little too much.

Khushi :" yes . Just surprised." she gives  him reassuring smile . He starts  moving his fingers in and out . he looks down and leaks his lips. He can see her tightening around his digit. Not now he wants to feel her buttery smooth skin around his bit more. He pools out them and runs them on her outer lips . Opening them , making circles and touching her clit, pulling it which makes her moan loudly. He wants to explore her. He sits on his knee and put two pillows under her waist bringing her bottom up. Then he runs his hands on her thighs and wide her legs exposing her pussy to his vision under  the sunset glow. She looks like angle. Her clit is swollen and she is wet dripping she was close to come but he doesn't want to west one drop . he put his middle finger again looking at her face , but her eyes are tightly shut.
ASR :" look at me.look how much joy  you bring to me giving your self like this."saying that he press his thumb on her clitt making her shudder.he is circling her clitt with his thumb occasionally pressing it  while fucking her with his two fingers . The way she is cluching the sheets and moaning his name he is glade he came early. His shaft is straining it's like it's gonna burst into pieces. He calms it saying soon very soon he will be there other than his fingers. Let them make a road for his shaft so he can ride her hard and fast when time comes.even thought of inside her is making him shout her name and empty his load on her breast . Which are going up and down from her errate breathing.she again tightns around him and again he pulls her finger out and to her utter amazement dive into her pussy with his mouth sucking her hard and plunging his toung deep inside. Oh this man is so talented. He is fucking her with his toung ; making her shouting his name , pulling his hair  and trapping his face there with her thighs . Lost in thought she rides his face hard , again taking controle without knowing.he scrapes his teeth on her clitt and she comes on his toung like a river. Gushing on him. He drinks her sucking at her entrance like a vacuum  moaning loudly like it's her favorite desert. Then flattening his toung he is  leaking her whole pussy  up and down making wet smooch  noises. She tastes sweat ,so sweat. Its her nectar and he would not waste even one drop.  She looses her grip and relax. Still shuddering from her first orgasam by her prince charming. She is happy very happy. She gets up and kiss him hard forgetting that she is tasting herself on her toung which is she sucking hard. Running her hands on his shoulder and back scratching him making him grasp her tightly want him to crush her to his body. But she takes control throwing him on his back and kissing his muscled chest and flat abdomen . She runs her finger on his six pecks which twitch in response his trimmed happy trail . His twitching dick  begging her to take him in her mouth. Seeing her mesmerized expression he is jubilant .He thinks even in the bed they are going to bicker about turns. Oh he has got a vixen wife. He pulls her by waist and kiss her.

Khushi :" stay still or I might have to  tie you to this bed."

ASR : " oh really ? You might ? But sure as hell I will." saying that he again flip her on her back and start kissing her again.

Khushi :" stop it's my turn. Let me show you how much you made me happy." she again straddle his waist sitting directly on his dick which twitch again. She groans and smile all togather . Her emotion is all around the place.

Khushi :" hello there little Arnav.".

ASR :" really ? you found it little? "he ask concerningly . She is the one who makes him uncertain . Even though he knows she is kidding. She has never scene one. How the hell she will compare .

Khushi :" I was kidding you silly." she can see he is relaxed like he needs her approval .
She goes directly for the price . Touching his leaking head she runs her finger on his full length .squeezing it hard and than pumping it occasionally rubbing his head. She leaks her palm making it wet and start again looking at his face. He is so lost his jaw is taut , blood stream strained like he is in pain. But she knows better. He is trying to hold it longer. She ducks down and leak him with flat toung making him squeeze her shoulder.

Khushi :" I am going to suck you hard and fast . I want you to guide me the way you like. Don't hesitate the way I didn't . "saying that she takes him   in her hot mouth inch by inch  coveting his dick with her saliva and start moving like their is no tomorrow . Her eyes gets watery he has a monster dick just like his temper. This man has big ego and big dick , but she doesn't complains she knows bigger is better. She is sucking and scraping his dick with her teeth making sure not do it hard. She takes his hand blindly and put them on her head. He knows if he didn't do as he is told he will be in trouble. Thinking playing by her rules is safer and it is  in his favor he weaves his finger in her silky hair and hold them  lovingly and closing his eyes he start the pace he wants. Knowing she would keep up , she has done her homework on her notebook. He is so happy that he got that for her. She is moaning around his shaft creating a vibrating sensation around his dick.making him lose it. He wants to see her when he is fucking her mouth oh so many  time he had this scene as his wet dream at this age.he opens his eyes and see her looking at him with big adoring eyes. This is  how he likes  it his dick in her mouth when he is looking at erotic oh how much he wants to be in her. Remembering his finger squeezed by her silky smooth pu**y and how his dick will fit in there all snug and tight he comes in her throat deep inside he is all the way in. She is breathing through her nose trying to keep it up. He knows it's not comfortable taking him all the way in her throat . He doesn't have horse dick but he is big. Big enough that she would feel him up to her throat when he fuck that tight little pussy.

She takes his semi hard  dick  leaking every drop of him. Making pop sound.

Khushi :" happy??" she says proud of herself that she didn't throw up on him when he pushed all the way in her throat.

ASR :" very ! You have no idea. You are natural." saying that he brings her to his side and massage her throat kissing her softly.

ASR :" are you okay?"

Khushi :" yes .never been better."

They don't need words to explain how they feel rite now. Silence is comforting . They both sprawled on the bed intertwining limbs tired by there emotional turmoil and satisfied soul and body. Heart full of joy  . after so many rocky roads they travel  together . The pain , the  wait it was all worth  in the end. She is sleeping. He is gazing at her face loving every curve and plans of this face .

She has learned so much about him , his choice always asking when she doesn't get it. Specially her style nobody would believe him if he show them her earlier picture dressed in all  cheap less suit and tight braid. She is confident wearing stiletto his favorite on her. He just have to make her wear knee length dress. His next agenda. She is getting better in English  pronunciation . Slowly she will get fluent to . He has no hurry. He is happy with her . He needs her for him not for outer world . If she mingle with them he would be happy. But if she doesn't then it's okay . Anyway he never cared what other thinks.ever.
Her face has changed . maturity and peace has taken place in her features.   She is chirpy but unlike before now she knows when to speak  and when to stay quite. Mostly she doesn't feel need to defy him each and every moment. He has to put up with her temper and mood swing still but in the last she is in his arm so no harm  done.that is what it boils down to; her in his arm ; then all is well.

He  hears knock on the  door, it's timid that's mean it's his Di .  he went to open the door putting on his robe.

Di :" chotey ? You didn't come down for dinner. Are you okay? It's 8:00"

ASR :" fine Di ! she is asleep so I thought we would have dinner here by nine." he is not done explaining and Di barge into his room, hearing about her and thinking if headache is gotten worst then they should go to doctor.

ASR :"  Di ! Stop!!!" but it's too late.she has seen the rumpled  bed the wet sheet and naked shoulder of khushi.

Di :" good! Now I learnt my lesson I will never come in when you two are in same room. Really. No need  for graphic image .without making Akash lose."

She is smirking thinking again she wins . This time Nani has also played  on them knowing the flying spark ; this all they would be thinking and doing until her grand son knock khushi  up with her great grand kid.  their attraction is so palpable , visible to others too. Even when he was engaged with La she was worried something was up with them. What with all the time both of them bickering about something and always Khushis red face and her grandsons concern and probing heated gaze always directed to khushi. He had always shown compassion for her. But he didn't knew what was happening so he always screamed and screamed . Poor fellow never thought that the person he hated so much and called gold digger;  she had already have him deep in love with her and stolen his precious  heart without his notice making him regret each and every word he uttered to hurt her. He has never believed in love , but today he is love with her nonetheless . She is happy that both of her grand son has found love of their life just like her son; but her grandsons choices are lot better than her own son. Thank god for that.

" Nani?"

Nani :" " yes Anjali ? They are up to it rite?"

Di :" god you are lucky didn't see at all , i have do fast to forget that emage."

Nani :" oh ! Come on you should be happy. Before you were worried that he is not affectionate now you are worried that he can't keep his hands to himself. When she is legally his! Go back in past and remember all the bumping they had to make up for this . It was work in progress . I am happy that I can see him lose with her. Not caring about anybody when it's come to their relationship .at least we don't have to listen to the Manorama's constant bickering and verbal abuse."

Di :" so very true."

Nani :" I think I will move my room to ground floor."

Di :" me too."

Nani :" no way! You are not better then chotey. I forbid you."

Di: " okay ! Got it. How about the party we have only week . I have talked to organizer. It's for choteys partners and office only so there will be drink and everything . Are okay or want me to move to the hotel?"

Nani :" it's okay. Me and Manorama will go out somewhere . That's fine khushi and Payal will be more comfy if it's at home . "

Di :" wow really? You have never permitted it before."she is astonished .

Nani :" yes . If this girls brings this much joy to my grandsons life then I can compromise for their comfort."

Di :" let's watch some tv."

Nani :" where is Manorama ? Still sulking from morning?"

Di :" sort of. "

They watching all the drama T V offers; like with  Manorama around  they need any more drama. But they both are curious if the love sick couple will surf over and come for dinner at all or as requested she has to send it to his room.

Di doesn't think so being khushi she will make sure all is taken care before she goes to bed and say sorry profusely that she wasn't down to help her. Like after strict order from her hubby dear they will go to kitchen. No way, if khushi mess with his temper she can handle it  other way as  a his  Di 's part she has to drag around him to make amend.

It's been hour and Di , Nani and Shyam and mamaji  is in living room chi chatting . Talking about upcoming party. Food, colore theme and what not.

Khushi :" stop it." they hear Khushis  hushed command mixed with plea.

ASR :" no body's here. And if they are you are my wife." he says authoritivaly . Putting his hand on her hip caressing it slowly in terms turning her on.

Khushi :" didn't you have your fill?"

ASR :" I am insatiable when it comes to you." he says smirking.

Khushi :" see what I do to you now."

They don't know that they are heard by all family members who are snickering at them. Di and Nani is ducking their head for Mamajis  and Shyam sake.

ASR :" I will be wating . Are you gonna tie me up to the bed and have your way?" he burst out  laughing seeing her face. She is looking straight with  aghast  face  .he follows her eyesight and go pale himself. God all of them? They all are looking in different direction but it's not lost on him that they heard all of it.
She turns to him with murderus gaze. Making him shrink . He went pale for a second but then he smiles wickedly probably seeing Shyam's face. Which looks like he has eaten bitterguard.

She sighns softly and turns back loosing her apatite.

Nani :" khushi bitiya! We were talking about color theme for party . Do you have any idea???"  Nani tries to make the heavy atmosphere light . She loves her grandson it's look like he will be in trouble if they went in room rite now.But to her surprise she holds ASR hand and bring him to sofa so she can make him listen and plan  this coming event. It is punishment enough for him. Better then what she has planned.
Khushi :" sure Nani!" saying she plops down on sofa with him besides her .

Di just look at them they are so unpredictable. She is just like her brother, with then you never know what to expect. Minut ago khushi was giving him evil eye and now she is holding his hand without caring that everybody is staring at them. He has been never hesitate or affectionate but to khushi behave this bold ? This is getting good and good.

After 2 hours talking , couple having food and staring compitision  between Shyam and ASR . All is taken care . Maggy will chose the dress theme contacting the decorated about color and they all will wear cocktail party drees more to Khushis horror. She has seen that dress short and revealing. But if Di has wish to wear then she would.

Khushi :" where is Jiji and Jijaji??"

Nani :" they went to dinner date.she wanted to meet you but you weren't feeling good??" she ask her arching her brow.

Khushi :" yeah , that,,,,yeah I wasn't .... Feeling .... Well." she says stammering and  looking at ASR not knowing how to finish it.

ASR : " she had a headache. I think still she is not feeling good. She should go to bed ." he says with serious face. He is such a skilled liar. Lying without missing beat .

Di:" of course." she says hiding her laughing face. And winking at Nani.

Nani :"  yes chotey you should  also go with her and give her pills." saying that she burst out laughing making Di lose. This time Mamaji also joins chuckling softly.  Shyam is sitting there pale as ghost.

ASR thinks it can't get better then this all his family is there laughing . He should feel mad  that they are laughing at him but he is happy because they are happy in his happiness .